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At Arco Painting Co, our philosophy is very simple:

  • Develop good character
  • Maintain honesty and integrity
  • Treat every person in the manner that we would like to be treated

As a rule, we strive for continuous improvement in every aspect of our business. And, we welcome our customers feedback on how we can provide even better service. Visit our Services tab to see what we have to offer. 

Our work is professional and completed on time! Give us an opportunity to exceed your expectations!

Why us?

Unlike most painting companies, Arco Painting Co has been in this industry for 8 decades. Our business began in Baton Rouge, La. in 1929, when 10" brushes were the only paint applicators. To say the least, we became very proficient in brush application. 

As the industry evolved with the invention of roller covers and spray guns, our expert skills in brushing have facilitated an easy transition into using the new equipment. As a result, we have a wide range of skills to offer our clients!

Arco Painting Co believes in transparency and accuracy in providing estimates to our clients. Before we begin any job, we provide:

  • An estimate that includes overhead costs (direct and indirect), labor and material costs and profit
  • A schedule of how the job will be performed, from start to finish and when the job will be completed.

If an issue impedes the schedule, we collaborate with the client immediately and work together on a resolution.

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